What rights are being taken away from the women?

Donald Trump’s inagaguration speech with its different tones in his message to the people and the major march that took place on Saturday against him showed the beginning of a new era for America and its role in the world, Time will reveal whether Trump will keep his promise to make America great again. Will he return power to the American people as he declared? This President is the richest President the United States ever has had, yet, he rightly criticized the politicians that got rich as the citizens became poor. The Women’s March is nonsense; they are talking about women’s rights. I wonder what rights are being taken away from them. They just don’t like Donald Trump and are using women’s issues or other excuses to undermine Trump’s Presidency. I am not justifying Donald Trump‘s rhetoric toward women and minorities during the campaign, but I am questioning the motives behind the demonstrators.This march was their chance to stand with the other women in support of a more inclusive and equal world, but when the President of the United States of America is assuming power from the former President, it is not the time. The documented promiscuity of Bill Clinton with not only one women but also with many during his Presidency did not result in any march on the White House, nor have I seen any statement from Bill Clinton’s wife showing solidarity with women. But, purportedly, the protesters’ aim and goal is women’s rights or the rights of minorities, but do they care about women?

They just don’t like Donald Trump. They had the chance in November to go to the ballot box to choose Donald or Hillary, and the electorate chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. Consequently, they need to respect the decision that millions of Americans have made. Protesters see differences as threats, but when all the differences are seen as threats, it will be hard to fight against real threats to the security and safety of the country. When Donald Trump visited the CIA, even CNN and other agencies tried to distort the news and to denigrate him by showing replays of comments from his campaign trail. Because President Trump would like to mend ties with the CIA since the security of America is to a large degree in the hands of this agency, he met first with the CIA personnel to show that he relied on them and was trying to establish trust between institutions; that is the job of the President.

The Women’s March would make more sense as a call to end violence against women and children in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan because what has been inflicted on Syrian women has been the most systematic and cruel form of violence--violence of rape, violence of starvation, violence of prostitution, violence of bombing homes, violence of rejecting their flight across borders--every kind of imaginable violence from Criminal Assad and his supporters from Russia, Iran, and ISIS. It would be great if they held a march for President Donald Trump to help end the War in Syria, it would be a great reminder to take political action and stand in solidarity with the women in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, in the street of Istanbul, Munich, or Tehran or especially in the refugee camps. Have you seen women march in solidarity with women in Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan?

The situation in Syria is a complete meltdown of humanity, because the American protestors’ beloved President refused to fight against ISIS in Syria. None of the women in America have been forced to give up their rights or forced to seek shelter in another country, but women in Syria have been compelled to surrender their rights and dignity, Yezidi women in Iraq have been sold into slavery under ISIS, Many Syrian women and girls are dying under the winter conditions. If the demonstrators want to defend the rights of women around the world, they should protest that the Obama administration failed to go after the jihadist in Syria, or that Hillary Clinton funneled the weapons to them and created ISIS. These stories are not covered on CNN or on other media channels,

The government officials are empowering the marchers, the media, and politicians with the authority to control others. Temptation is limitless, and so it is only natural for politicians to test the boundaries of right and wrong. This is where media is supposed to act as a sort of the check on politicians by making them accountable to the public, so when a journalist holds the government players ethically accountable, the result is honest statesmen. What we find now, especially with CNN and other media, is that they see themselves as part of government, and, as consequence, the media’s goal to hold institutions accountable has been changed totally in favor of pushing their agenda.

The corrupt media has bombarded news consumers with news stories claiming that few Americans were interested in the inauguration of President Donald Trump. The majority of stories are covered in the same way, presenting Obama as good, Hillary as virtuous, and multiculturalism as the highest good, but anyone who disagrees with the protesters or with Obama’s eight years of policies is backwards, selfish, and racist. It is fine to be against Trump and to like CNN, but do deny that CNN is a biased, liberal-line outlet. There use propaganda and beyond propaganda disinformation and fake news against President Donald Trump. Because they lied to the public that their candidate Hillary would win the election, but did not get the outcome right, then they have to assign a cause saying that the Russians hacked the elections. That psychological warfare did not work, so they said that Hillary got the majority vote; however, the American Constitution calls elections by the Electoral College, whose votes Trump clearly won.

In 2008, I did not agree with Obama nor did I vote for him, but he showed up on the scene as the new guy, the political outsider with fresh ideas, and he won the opportunity to have a historic presidential bid as the first Black president. We all were actually proud for America to have a Black President. Those who voted for him thought he was going to do great things; those who did not vote for him like me and millions of other Americans had our hands tied, and we were overruled by an agenda that we did not agree with. But millions of Americans respected the people’s mandate and accepted him as our President because we favored democracy over personal preferences.

The same elite media has achieved their success through their own professional blacklist. We can observe the same kind of strategy in the Philippines as well with the elite media and those in Manila whom we see against President Duterte, because Manila is not accustomed to someone from the Mindanao region becoming the President of the Philippines and being the father of the nation, and thereby going against their cronies. Anyone who does not agree with the elite media and elite cronies gets blacklisted, slandered with fake news, and excoriated, all with the purpose of expelling him from office.

CNN, like all other major news outlets that we are currently following, has chosen not to stand as objective media. Americans have lost faith in democracy itself because democracy is referenced but still the elite media cannot accept the results of the democratic process. The media did not hold Obama or Clinton to the same level of accountability as the Donald Trump. Why did they not censure Hilary Clinton when she set up a server in her house to avoid Freedom of Information Act requests, revealing national security secret to hackers, and then repeatedly lying about it? The same media would move away from charges brought against her. Hillary was not indicted even though she lied, cheated the American people, and put American national security in jeopardy. Still CNN and others new channels like Public Radio were for Hillary and Obama.

The political media’s cultural supremacists dehumanize those who do not agree with their agenda, and they target them, like a witch screaming at the people. The media is trying to shame Donald Trump, but Donald Trump also knows how to shame the media with their fake news. Because Donald Trump is an outsider and not used to politically correct language like other traditional politicians who do not want to be controlled by the biased media use, he is being demonized. Even if the media has fanned the flames of protest against President Trump, the marchers should examine their own consciences.

Peaceful protests are a hallmark of American democracy. People have the right to express their views, but claiming that Donald Trump lied and is immoral, whatever his record, while ignoring the infractions and crimes of Clinton and Obama is pay-to-play news coverage. Setting aside hype, women and those who joined them in the march should ask themselves what rights have been abdicated in light of the global plight of women and consider marching for them.

. Dr. Aland Mizell is President of the MCI and a regular contributor to Mindanao Times. You may email the author at:aland_mizell2@hotmail.com









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